Following or converting to Islam should be punished by death!

Asked by: KGee1987
  • Islam is the number one source of evil in this world that adding membership to the same is detrimental.

    Most, if not all, terrorists in the world are Muslims. They have killed millions of people in the name of religion and will continue to do the same. If their number will increase through conversion by other people from other religion, it would be very suspicious because they probably will join Islam to be terrorist.

  • Consequences of Islam

    Sometimes there is no way but to fight fire with fire. Islam has caused anywhere between 270 million and 900 million deaths through history, which is more than Nazism, Communism and Fascism combined (I have yet to find figures for Christianity). It destroys any society it enters. Further, Islam commands genocide or conquest of any and all non-Islamic groups. And it also has an in-built death penalty: anyone who tries to abandon Islam is to be killed, according to Islamic teachings, and anywhere Muslims become majority, genocide and religious cleansing soon follow.

    That being said, they should be given option to leave.

  • Islam Is Death

    Islam as an ideology is a two edged sword. Islam encourages its followers ideologically to believe in the myth that they will receive reward in dying for Islam. Those who disavow from the ideological death cult die as well. Without fear, Islam would lack followers. Islam would cease to exist.

  • Muslims are victims too!

    Okay i get what you guys are saying and i understand that you want revenge and all of these terrorists to burn in hell. . . Chill, I do too!
    These messed up people are killing innocent children and people. But not all Muslims kill innocent people, Yeah i get it, Your angry. . . So am i. Everyday innocent peoples lives are torn away from them and i do believe that these terrorists should be punished severely and then they can go and rot in their graves and then burn in hell forever!
    But killing every muslim is just pathetic! You will be exactly the same as these terrorists. . .
    Muslims are victims too you know. . . Syria for example, They are still struggling to live and most are living in poverty. . .
    Instead of killing why dont you try to help those who are alive. . . Help make our community stronger and better so we can show these pathetic idiotic terrorists that they cannot control us and we will fight back!

  • This is too extreme

    Islam is an evil and violent religion but killing them is wrong. Islam demands the killing of infidels, if we kill them for being muslim that will make us no better than them. I think islam should be banned worldwide but mass murdering every muslim is brutal and needlessly cruel.

  • I'm pro life

    I'm pro life all the way and to get a death penalty for having a different way of thinking or believing in something I don't is just absurd. We have the right to worship whatever religion we want and we shouldn't have to be killed for thinking differently than the state wants.

  • On Religious Toleration

    Many opponents of those who do not follow their religion, or those who call for the integration of the Islamic community to be stopped, build their cases upon very legitimate concerns; but what they forget is that everyone man has his rights to liberty "of the worship of God" in all the forms they want.

    Let us echo the arguments on the other side; "most, if not all terrorists are Muslim" This is a highly inappropriate statement in a society like ours. I have seen this argument being deployed many times, and frankly, I am bored of it. I am no Islam appeaser, but this is what statistics are telling me; 6% of the world's terrorist attacks were committed by Islamic Groups, whilst 7% were committed by Zionist groups (like Irgun) 24% of these terrorist attacks were committed by Far-Left groups, like the Shining Path and the Maoist Communist Party in Nepal, and 42% by Latino groups (presumably drug cartels). To direct claims, like "all terrorist are Islamic" is pointless, arrogant, and just pure bigot-based.

    On the "millions of deaths" by practitioners of the Islamic religion; this is just as baseless as saying that a teapot floats around Mars and the Earth. In fact, the Christian faith, has killed more people than the Nazis; in the Taiping Rebellion, where a Christian led a group of rouge to overthrow the Imperial Regime, 25 million people were said to have died. Now, why are not calling for the deaths of those who have converted to Christianity?

    But the strongest case for religious toleration is that all men have the rights to chose their religion, as long as that religion/faith does not interfere with others. Humans are BY NATURE free. Using the first cause, this freedom cannot be taken away from them; it goes in a straight line, until they voluntarily release it from themselves. IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, or IN A FREE SOCIETY, the government does not exist because it wants to coerce the people into submission; it exists for the good of the people. The good of the people means respecting the rights of everyone; all men were born equal, and it is only by social contract that some men have power over others. But men in power has to use strength to create right; for the state is not a household, but a ruler who rules as if it were one is a tyrant. A state is made up of many types of people, and the state is commanded by this will.

    And many types of people will inevitably come to Islam; religious intolerance because of existing stereotypes is dangerous.

  • Nothing deserves death

    There's this little thing called freedom of choice where I come from. Every person can choose for themselves what they want to believe in. Respect fellow humans. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Why would you want to kill them all? Do they not deserve to live as you deserve it?

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