Food stamps still feed 1 in 7 Americans despite recovery: Are food stamps a waste of American taxpayer dollars?

  • Absolutely. The responsibility of feeding a family should rest on the adults in the family not other taxpayers.

    Food stamps along with other welfare programs such as WIC, Section 8, Medicaid extra are enabling the irresponsible while punishing the responsible. Over 40% of food stamps recipient are children. That's a lot of irresponsible parents! No one force you to have children. So if you don't have the ability to take care of them and provide them with basic necessity (food, healthcare and shelter) then do the world a favor and don't have any children. And before anyone say, well they lost their job. Answer me this, did you have at least one year of emergency fund that covers all the basic necessity of the family? If not, then you did not plan ahead before starting a family.

  • Food stamps discourage finding work

    I don't think the government should be giving out 'freebies' to Americans. It discourages people from finding work in our country. If people do not have money from the government to buy food, they will more than likely get out and try to find a sustainable job, which will also help our country economically.

  • Makes people dependant

    Food stamps tend to make people dependent to their government and in time good very well end our democracy. Although that sounds extreme it could very well happen. If the people remain dependent it makes it that much easier for our government to take over when resources run low. Also it creates bad habits of people finding work if they could get food for free instead

  • Keep food stamps for those who are TEMPORARILY OUT OF WORK.

    To make people find work then the best thing to do would be to temporarily keep them on food stamps. It may sound a little harsh, but how long do most parents let their kids stay under their roof? Eventually they'll have to find their own place and the same applies to the jobless; for the average person not being able to afford one's own meal cannot afford to keep a roof over his or her head with proper appliances as well. Once they get a job they could slowly pay off the debt that they owe to the government therefore repaying the taxpayers within tax returns. That and/or community service is always an option to repay their debt to society.

  • Many People LIVE on food stamps.

    This is a sad reflection on our society that even though we have so much wealth, we still have many citizens, mostly children, who are struggling to find food and need to turn to the state for help. Until we deal with this mass inequality that exists in our nation, we will need to have something like food stamps and other welfare programs.
    In the long run it would be better to start moving towards a guaranteed minimum income for all citizens, rather than the current welfare apparatus, a lot like what Finland is doing.

  • Foodstamps are not a waste.

    When controls are used, such as work for food stamps, or drug testing for food stamps, the program is very helpful. No one wants to take food stamps from someone who really needs them, but we have to be sure to not give them to people who don't. The old adage "Give a man a fish..." applies here. The goal is to make men self sufficient, not dependent.

  • More lower class than middle and upper class

    There are more poor people or those who live just above the poverty line. There are lots of those on SSI, social security, unemployement, or just unemployed, etc. There is lowly becoming less of a middle class. Yes there are lots of people who have a college degree and have a career but there are just as many or more who are just living on minimum wage and barely getting by with children to take care of as well. I feel that food stamps are very necessary and is vital. Talk about feed the children...If there were no foodstamps there would be alot of children going hungry...If America is supposed to be "united" then why should it be a problem to help your fellow Americans in need? Trust me, if they didn't need the food stamps they wouldn't get them. (Besides the few scam artists) Your eligibility and amount you get is based on your income and household size. And you have to go through a process to get it, they just don't give you food stamps just because you ask for it. And why whine about helping with and Medicaid through your tax dollars when there is plenty of things your government does with your tax dollars which is my opinion is downright wasteful...Like funding prisons, and space exploration...

  • NO! They dont

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  • They help people!

    Food stamps have saved thousands of peoples lives. What if you were on the streets and starving? I am sure that you would love them then. Even though they do take tax payer dollars they are for a good cause. I will always support food stamps, even as a tax payer!

  • How can taking care of your people be a waste?

    This question answers itself. We need to take care of our own people because we never actually recovered. People gave up looking for work because there are no jobs. Once they stop looking they are no longer counted. We need to fix the job situation so people can go back to taking care of themselves.

  • Food Stamps Are Not a Waste of Taxpayer Dollars.

    Food stamps are not a waste of taxpayer dollars. For many Americans, food stamps are the only way to provide food for one's family. Food is the most basic human need. If those people who use food stamps did not have access to them, they would endure added stress and hardship which would have a negative impact on their lives. The fewer sources of stress a person has, the more able he or she is to be a productive member of society.

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