• With maybe some limitations

    Football can be dangerous as a lot of sports are. Do we also ban tennis because a player can be hit in the head with it? Hockey because a player can be struck with the stick? No, because playing these games can provide fitness benefits to the students. If you don’t like the game however why ban it completely. Just ask the teacher if you can be excluded from the game and let the other students who have an interest in the game have fun.

  • Football is fun

    Football should be in schools because it is fun and people love football should be allowed to play if they wont to because if you do hand touch it will be saved and no one would get hurt or get injured because it is to hand touch so it is a lot saver

  • Basketball is better than football

    Football is to dangerous because once I almost got a concussion and it hurt and I was mad because the person that hit me was someone I hate I ended up never playing football at school again I started to play basketball and it was fun infill I got hit with a ball.

  • You could play football out of school

    Football is to dangerous and kids could get hurt 6 graders and under should not be aloud to play I once almost got a concussion playing at school and who cares if people love to play football at school you could play when your out of school so that's why i don't like football at school.

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