• I prefer soccer.

    1. American football has 10-15 minutes of play time in a 3 hour broadcast. Soccer has 90 minutes of play time in a 2 hour broadcast. American football has no flow to it. There are constant stoppages. Every time there's a flag it takes 2 minutes to get started again. Not to mention the commercial breaks. Every change of possession, every scoring play, every injury etc. is a commercial break. The worst is when a touchdown is scored.
    Touchdown.... Commercial... Extra point... Commercial.... Kick off.... Commercial.

    The athletes in soccer are more impressive. They're just as fast, if not faster than the quickest NFL players. They have infinitely more stamina, and their coordination, skill. And agility is way better too.

  • It's Up To You

    American football is my personal preference, but I tend to prefer impact sports myself. Soccer, or actual "football" is a more global sport, with a lot of beauty and finesse to it. It really comes down to what you as the viewer are hoping to watch. If you favor big men making big hits, running and passing the ball, then American football is for you. If you want a faster pace, with some highly intricate footwork, then enjoy soccer. Neither is really "better" in any tangible way.

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