Football is more of a american sport than soccer

Asked by: emoney123
  • Football has been in america since our founding fathers

    I think football is more american than soccer because football has been around longer!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

  • It is better than soccer

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  • Yes Football is better

    Soccer is an older sport but in the present day america, football is more popular. If you asked someone in like Mexico or France they would say soccer. But football is a more AMERICAN sport. Personally I think soccer is dumb only because people fake fouls and injuries and people believe them.

  • Soccer has never been an American sport

    Soccer has never been an American sport, a better question would Football is more of a American sport than baseball? Those two sports are more American and closer two the American culture that Soccer. So my answer is yes and make a better question then this. Soccer the most played sport in the world though.

  • Yes it is more American

    Even tho other country's play it as well. America is mostly about football, and yes i know soccer may be popular in other parts of the world, here in America in the present not in the past i mean now, its a major sport here. Football is all over the headlines in America and people here go to more football games from pop Warner to NFL. So yes soccer has been around longer and its more popular but football is more new and people like new no matter if they like it or not. I'm not saying football is better then soccer I'm just saying football is a lot more popular then soccer here in America and its our country's main sport and there is no reason to hate on it, if people like it then its fine nothing wrong with that. Football is more of an American sport plus i don't see another country basing games,books,movies of the sport constantly so yea it is an American sport and cold be other country's as well but its American now a days.

  • Soccer is an ancient sport.

    Football has not been around since our founding fathers. In fact football is based upon rugby which was based upon soccer. If someone tells you that football has been around longer they are not telling the truth. Even though football is a great sport, I even play it, soccer is much more popular throughout the world and has been popular in the United States for much longer than football

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Sciguy says2015-12-04T16:48:09.430
More American than soccer? Don't you mean that American Football is more American than Football? (Europe, South America, etc)