For a Good Cause: Should Auctions Be Allowed to Raise Money for Charities by Allowing Agressive Acts?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Research on bidding in auctions has generally relied on the assumption of self-interested bidders. This work relaxes that assumption in the context of charity auctions. Because understanding charitable motives has important implications for auction design and charities' fundraising strategies, there should be a study investigates bidders' specific types of charitable motives and the strength of these motives.

  • Yes, they should.

    If by aggressive acts, that means intimidation, threat of kidnappings, than no, because these actions are illegal regardless, and for good reason. But if by aggressive acts that means fighting or boxing, or other sports, that it is up to the charity to decide if that is something they want to support.

  • No Auctions Be NOT BE Allowed to Raise Money for Charities by Allowing Agressive Acts

    This will betray their reputation if the bidder finally find out that the excess cost was used for charity work, while could the charity organization comes out straight to ask for support directly from the public , if they no that their services render is for true cause and not for private venture.
    Many charities need to ask the public for money. They rely on public generosity - an enduring feature of our society, but one that can never be taken for granted - to carry out their important work helping those in need. In return the public place their trust in charities to raise money in a considerate and responsible way and to use it effectively.

    Charity trustees have overall responsibility and accountability for their charity and this includes its fundraising. They have a key role to play in setting their charity’s approach to raising funds, making sure that it is followed in practice and reflects their charity’s values. Getting this right can be very rewarding, a valuable and visible result of a trustees’ commitment to their charity, those that it supports and those that support it.

    As the regulator of charities in England and Wales, the commission expects charities that fundraise to do so in a way which protects their charity’s reputation and encourages public trust and confidence in their charity. This includes following the law and recognised standards, protecting charities from undue risk, and showing respect for donors, supporters and the public.

  • No, auctions should not be allowed to raise money for charities by allowing aggressive acts.

    No, auctions should not be allowed to raise money for charities by allowing aggressive acts because there are much better ways to raise charity money. Why should a charity be allowed to create aggression when it is intended for good. If the cause is worthy, then the means to raise money should be equally worthy.

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