For a society, is collectivism better than individualism?

Asked by: msstanleyelah
  • Individualism is better ,

    Individualism let’s you have the freedom to say what you think .It allows you the freedom to do things that you want to.Individualism allows you to do things that you want and collectivism only a few persons say what you can and can not do.Idividualism let’s you the freedom of almost everything.

  • Individualism is better than collectiveism

    Well individualism is better than collectiveism because individualism gives you freedom of speech and lots of other things and collectiveism is when something needs help from a group of people individualism in the other hand teaches you more responsibility and how to take care of your self and collectiveism doesn’t have any of that.

  • Collectivism is better

    Collectivism is better because when working with more that one people the society is successful and their is a higher chance of solving problems. People also get to share their ideas and concerns about the society this makes the society safer.Collectivism will also keep the society organized and under control.

  • Individualism is better.

    Individualism is better by letting the citizens having a free speech and choice.Collectivism you have to have a point and everyone has to agree to you or not and it is not a free speech or choice you might have to work with a group of people but you rather be working by yourself.

  • It’s good because in a society humans have to communicate with each other.

    If in a society people don’t communicate with each other the, people wouldn’t have a chance to share their opinions about what they want people to know.If in a society people don't understand each other or don’t listen to what others have to say there really no point in having a society

  • Individuals > Collectives

    Groups are just aggregations of individuals, And can only have value insofar as their individual constituents have value. To insist that a group can legitimately aggress against any individual within said group logically entails that the group itself is disposable. In any case, One's natural rights don't disappear just by dint of being outnumbered.

  • Collectivism is only better if voluntary

    Individualism is generally better for a society because people don’t have to follow the same rules like the other people. One size does not fit all. Everyone has a different approach on how to live life - therefore a one size fit all may work for some people, but not everyone. On the other hand collectivism is bad for a society because the choice is automatically made for you - whether you agree or not; or whether or not the choice is good or not. Collectivism often encourages people to have a child's mentality instead of a full-grown adult's mentality.

  • Individualism is better for a society.

    Individualism is better for a society because people don’t have to follow the same rules like the other people.People get to have freedom and they do what ever they want.On the other hand collectivism is bad for a society because people don’t have a choice of either following the same rules as everyone or not.The people don’t have freedom.

  • Why is individualism better

    Starting of i think individualism is better because it allows you to have freedom of speech,freedom of choice not only that but their is a lot of freedom in it a lot independent choices,it lets you be you!!.In other words I believe individualism is better than collectiveism because of the reason is said.

  • Individualism is better

    Individualism is better because it allows for people to be themselves. Also, without individualism, a lot of the inventions that have been made if the inventor had not had his own interests in mind. I once watched a Ted-Talk stating that “nobody has changed the world by doing what society expected them to do”

  • Your ideas have to be heard like thunder, but has to be seen like a lightning and this comes from a storm full of ideas.

    You need individualism for collectivism to work, it lets you be your self and no one, because you might be that person who knows a lot of languages, or a lot of math, or even been the good writer in your society, so been individual counts and it will always count. Been individual is important.

  • Individualism motivates people towards a positive work ethic

    People in communist society’s expect for things to be where everyone helps everyone unconditionally, and everyone helps one government, while in individualist society’s people will be expected to provide for themselves and their family without relying on others to get things done for them without putting any effort into it themselves. Individualism doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has no help from others, it just means everyone has responsibility over themselves and their family.

  • Individualism is better for a society.

    Individualism is better for a society because people don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone,they have freedom to do what they want to do.On the other hand collectivism is bad for a society because people don’t get to do what they want to do,they have to follow the rules everyone is following.

  • Collectivism is wrong

    In a collectivism society people are pressure and can lead to violence. People sacrifice their autonomy or freedom.Woman don’t work they stay home to raise their child. People have to accept only 1 religion and gay people have suppress their sexuality. Individualism in the other hand, you have freedom and you can make your own choices and individualism does not stop you from doing things.

  • Individualism is better than colletevism

    Individualism is better because it puts you over everything else and it does what you want and get more freedom and not that other people vote or say and it makes you do it such as some one saying that your older son has to go to war but individualism is better because you choose what you want

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