For anti-abortionists: Should the father of the baby be legally required to stay with the woman?

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  • Abortion is a rich white man's excuse for all fun with no responsibilities

    The Father should not be compelled to live with the mother or with the baby. Nevertheless, the father ought to be compelled to compensate the mother and the baby for the foreseeable future. If the reason for sex was not for love then both parents ought to be held responsible for the their moment of tryst and the baby placed into a family which cares.

  • So many reasons

    - The woman could be in an abusive relationship with the man
    - The man might be a rapist and the woman might not want anything to do with him
    - Man could neglect the child
    - The baby should be in a family who cares about it
    - If the father is forced to stay, then he would not care for the wellbeing of the family.

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