For fulfillment of high ambition, mental/physical pressure on children is not a obstruction in their development.

  • Pressure to a child is important

    If pressure is not given to a child he may distract from his aim. For high ambition, pressure should be given to a child otherwise he will be out of control of the parents .He may also not give attention to his parents and his teachers. He may try to even harm them. If a child is not given pressure he never may get the position he wanted. In many leading institutions of India like IIT Kanpur the child there are given high pressure and because of the pressure only they are, after passing out the college they get perfection and many more things. This is one of the reasons why the students passing from these institutions have a great demand. Also because of the perfection they get from these institutions give them high posts. If the children of these institutions are not given this much pressure they never will the idea to do the work with perfection. Due to this also the demand of the students of the institutions as the institutions are not giving them the pressure the demand of the children of the institutions will decrease. So, in this way pressure must be given to children to fulfill high ambition.

  • Many schools abuse this need for pressure.

    There is a huge competition for exam results in the UK (that’s the reason we have the SATS) and moving into Year 7, This competition becomes even bigger and more important with the inset of the GCSE, Which brings with it around 7-8 pieces of homework per week, Some with a due date two days away from setting it.

    Not to mention the extremely high standard expected of students and their notes - it’s essentially an elimination game of who needs extra tuition first. To go with the daily homework and classwork.

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