For Honor coming out in February: Are video games becoming as popular as movies once were?

  • Video Games: Media of the Future

    I will start out by saying I still do respect the stance that though video games are definitively growing at a rapid pace, they still need more time to grow past the golden age of Cinema since of course there was a point where it was arguably the most popular media.
    However what is definitely evident, is that video games are most popular with people who have had an independent and equal experience with both Movies and Video Games, kids. Movies have the unfair advantage in popularity right now because of all the older population, which of whom have already grown up and have been indoctrinated into cinema, hence they already have preemptively formed their opinion on the matter. Many of which irrationally look at video games as primitive, deviant, or even childish; which is very easy through an objective outlook to find video games have all the same and even more potential to create beauty, emotion, and art through its media, and unlike movies; they have the potential for the usage of a user's skill, making them fun challenging and competitive, which is preferred by an independent audience. Huh, I wonder why. I'll make the somewhat neutral stance leading "pro", but I'll make the proclamation that if video games are not there already , it is almost inevitable they will be soon enough.

  • They have taken over.

    Anymore, it's very uncommon to go out to a movie. People have huge television sets, and they can watch movies with high quality in their own homes. Video games have become so realistic anymore that they are taking the place of movies. They offer interactive entertainment that is even social sometimes.

  • Yes, video games are as popular as movies.

    Many top video game franchises have become as popular as movies used to be. Many video game fanatics love following their favorite franchises closely: social media, video gaming blogs, and sites company news. Avid video gamers are more excited about new games being released then most people are about new movies.

  • Yes, video games are as popular as movies once were.

    Just as there are many film fans, there seem to be an equal amount of video game fans. They have become an integral part of many people's lifestyles and the release of a new game can certainly be as intriguing for video game fans as the release of a summer blockbuster.

  • No, the video game audience is more limited.

    Though video game industry is huge, even more so as technology has expanded with regard to graphics. However, I do not see them overtaking movies until they find a way to make the story line more interactive for the audience. For those of us who lack eye-hand coordination, video games will never exceed film in our interest. But, if the game became more like an interactive movie (think Star Trek holodecks), I could see this happening. Until then, no.

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