For some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream. Is the American Dream dead?

  • Yes, it is.

    The American Dream has been dead on its feet since it first started. Only a handful of people ever successfully made it from "rags to riches" and not without climbing on the backs of other hardworking people. It is a myth and an ideology that does not account for reality.

  • The American Dream may not be completely dea, but it is close.

    Many Americans are worried about retirement, even in classes above the low-income workers. With the dropping of social security's future financial plans, and the rise in cost of living, many families are looking at working many more years than the previous generation. The families will have to work just to live, instead of using the surplus income for expensive, fun trips they have dreamed of.

  • No it is not

    The American Dream - if you look it up in a dictionary, is described as the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. For some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream. But it's only money, and money is not that important, it's love that drives us

  • No, the American Dream isn't dead, but it's damaged

    The American Dream has been damaged by the widening gap between the wealthy and poor as well as the dwindling middle class. The cost of a good education and access to necessary services makes it difficult if not nearly impossible for many to gain the skills and resources necessary to make a better life for themselves. The American Dream is still there. It's just waiting for a resurgence in believers that can only be aided by ensuring people have their basic needs met.

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