For those voting Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Race, are you doing so merely because the candidate is female?

Asked by: themassesaredumb
  • It's a good statment.

    I know I'm not because Clinton is a good person is making everything possible to stop Donald Trump .I also like her because she makes the best stamens in her campaign to make sure that you can a good citesen do to her good agrements. She is not what I expected as a president .You know a male but it's okay if she get alerted to be president in 2016.

  • What if they get tooken by a booger or a burger and never seee them again and somtimes you will see them maybe again

    They should go out they are responsible and if they smell very bad do not let them out if they smell too good they will attract boys or girls and go to bad partys and not school and say they hang out not with parents and i love kids lot

  • I'm voting for the lesser of two evils

    If it comes down to Clinton v. Trump, I'm going to vote for the lesser of two evils. Hillary does not strike me as the ideal president, I'm more of a Sanders supporter, but from the looks of it, Clinton is going to get the Democratic nomination. I'd chose Hillary over Trump, he's not fit to be the commander in chief.

  • I vote for the candidate who's politics I support

    While personally I am a Sanders supporter but I will take Clinton over Trump any day of the week. I also support Clinton's politics more than most conservative ideals (I am Liberal Democrat myself). While I have numerous issues with the various scandals surrounding Clinton's past she still is, and always will be better than Trump.

  • Simply asinine logic

    Just thought I'd ask as the more I overhear others discuss their rationale behind their candidate selection, the more I realize how dumb people really are in the world.

    When it comes to Clinton, my gut instinct simply cries 'pure evil'. When I think through her claimed stance on issues, it's easy to confirm she's 'pure evil'. I get it... Everyone wants to be the part of the 'first of something'. And the more I hear from Clinton lemmings, the more it's evident (usually self -claimed) the lemmings are simply voting because it's a female candidate. Seriously? Let's just forgo the simply fact a large portion are ignoring the candidate's capabilities... This is who you really want as the first female president??? Don't worry...There'll be a female president eventually; there's no sense in rushing it now simply because this is among the worst set of presidential candidates in history. Patience...Wait to pick a great one, and your future chances/selections get better. Pick this god-awful ... Thing ... And I suspect you'll effectively lower the future odds. ...Just a hunch.

    Still, given the alternative to Clinton... There's really not a much of a difference on the other side. Merely a matter of picking the lesser of two evils. Though it may seem your hand is forced to tilt to Clinton given the alternative, still, curious if there's a reason ("No") for your selection rather than simply because the candidate is female ("Yes"). Meh, either case, this question may ultimately irrelevant...

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