For those with bathrooms: Do you think there is an invisible, undetectable, green, toilet paper admiring imp living in said bathroom?

Asked by: 0xFFF1
  • Whoever created this topic is a genius!

    I've never thought about it before, but you're completely right!!!!!!! That's what happens to all the toilet paper you thought you had, and then you finish your business and realize that all the toilet paper is gone!!!!! Of course! It has been stolen by the imp!!!! Why did I never see this before!?!?!?!?!

  • Yes, with a cavaet

    They're called leprechauns, not imps.

    [Anyone else get tired of this 50 word minimum thing? Really, how much more is there to say? In a real debate a single well-turned phrase or question can blow the whole thing open with it's simplicity. Or was I supposed to be cross-applying my responses on the various Bible threads?]

  • Yes, Because you cannot prove otherwise:

    I think there is one simply because you cannot prove it otherwise. He and his kind forever despise the humans for soiling their blessed paper. I think you should stop using toilet paper because there may be a horrendous cataclysm coming our way. You should totally hide. They are coming for you.

  • Description Is Self-Contradictory

    Because both color and visibility are based on the way light waves reflect off of an object, it is not possible for an object (like an imp) to both have a color and be invisible. Based on this simple, scientific fact, the creature you describe cannot possibly exist and therefore does not live in your bathroom or any other place.

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