• Not at all!

    The EDL was LABELLED racist by left-wing sites and organizations. However, the EDL does attract racist people, just like any other political organization. The EDL wishes to stop Immigrants from changing England into a 3rd world *hithole. I believe it is a worthy and an understandable cause as they want to preserve their English Culture. So in my eyes, they are not racist.

  • Yes, not because the EDL is pro-british.

    Wanting to preserve one's people is not racism. Nobody screams racist when Indians wish to remain Indian, Japanese wish to remain Japanese, or Israeli's wish to remain Jewish.
    Organizations such as the EDL are considered to be racist ONLY because they are white.
    Antiracist is a codeword for antiwhite!

    It is racist however, to invade and to ethnically cleanse a people in it's own country, as the Israeli's have done and are doing with the Palestinians. Illegal construction of settlements on neighboring lands is a violation of international law and is very racist. The confinement of millions of Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp is none less racist as well.
    Support of who engages in such conduct (coincidentally the same people that is vastly disproportionally represented amongst antiracists in the west), is also racist.

  • I don't know really.

    I am really asking this question to get an understanding for myself. I chose NO because I don't know.
    From what little I have come to understand is...
    As a party they are not fundamentally racist. They say they are against racism and only want to stop Extreme Islam and defend English culture. However they attract racist people for a number of obvious reasons.
    In supporting them would one be giving justification to undesirable views? Simply by giving support for ones own reasons could be empowering a different kind of extremism?
    I know I said 'for UK' but if you have an opinion please feel free.

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