Ford Motor Company Lincoln MKC accidental shut off: Should Ford redesign the control panel?

  • Yes, Ford should redesign the control panel.

    I believe that Ford should redesign the control panel on the Lincoln MKC. The fact that the car can be accidentally shut off when trying to change the radio station or switch gears is extremely dangerous, not only for the drivers of the Lincoln MKC but also for other people driving nearby.

  • Ford Redesigns Control Panel

    Ford Motor Company should redesign the control panel for the Lincoln MKC. Cars have the potential to be extremely dangerous should any distraction occur. A part of the car failing endangers both the people in the vehicle and people surrounding them. In addition, should a product not function as advertised, the company has a responsibility to fix the issue.

  • Drivers are constantly distracted. An uninentional engine shut-off should not be another.

    Drivers are unintentionally shutting their vehicles off, during use, while attempting to adjust radio, phone, or navigation settings. The power button, as part of the touch-screen interface, is located adjacent to the ignition on/off button. If the driver is maintaining visual contact with the traffic ahead, accidental shut-offs may occur.

  • Ford should fix their confusing controls.

    The control panel in Ford's car is clearly not well designed. No one wants a car that can be shut off accidentally. It is dangerous and inconvenient. The company must not have tested it enough to realize what a problem it would be for the owners once they bought the car.

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