Ford moves production of small cars to Mexico: Should US companies export jobs to save costs?

  • A company's purpose is to make money, not act in the best interest of America.

    It is the government's job to act in the interest of America. If companies want to move out of the country they have to freedom to do so. Moving jobs outside the country keeps prices low, while keeping them here with our high minimum wage would drive prices up. If consumers are angry about the change, people are free to buy from other companies that sell products made in America.

  • United States companies should export jobs to save costs

    Of course, United States companies should export jobs to save costs. If costs are not reduced, then the overall price of goods and services goes up. It's basic economics. People can only afford to spend so much for the goods and services they consume. If we want to keep production in the United States, then the cost of labor must come down. Otherwise, there will be plenty of inventory with no buyers.

  • Companies need to take cUSare of their bottom line.

    Just because production moves to another country does not mean the entire company shifts its base. Production is just one part of the chain, I'm sure companies keep a lot of departments in the US. I would rather have a profitable company stay in business and employ hundreds of Americans rather than a completely US based company employing thousands fold due to losses.

  • American companies should support American people.

    Products produced in America are generally better quality than products produced in other countries. Additionally, American companies should create jobs in their own country, not another. It is not patriotic to produce one's goods in a separate country. Even the companies will benefit from the more positive reputation of having products made in the U.S.A.

  • Companies should not export jobs to save on cost

    American companies should not export jobs to simply save on cost. Many consumers take pride in buying products made in America. If anything, the companies should brand them selves on being made in America and use it to capture a new segment of consumers. Also, exporting jobs to other countries may lead to lapses in quality and other costs down the road.

  • No, companies should keep jobs in America

    No, companies should keep jobs in America. It shouldn't always be about the bottom line in business. There is intrinsic value to keeping jobs in our country, and I think a lot of Americans realize that. I think a lot of people are willing to pay a little more for products that are produced in America by Americans. If they keep jobs here, things will be better for everyone.

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