Foreign-born presidents in the US: Should the US constitution be amended to allow foreign-born presidents?

  • No they should not!

    People may have their “home” country’s interest at heart..
    US President should be free of allegiance to another country
    President Commander and Chief of Armed Forces may need to send troops to president's home country (foreign)
    Better life for your progeny
    27x similar amendments have been proposed and failed (Center for Immigration Policy)

  • Foreign-Born Presidents Should Be Allowed

    A person cannot help where he or she is born. If someone is born in another country and then immigrates to the United States and becomes a citizen, I think it is fair that they should also be allowed to run for president. Elections are held so that people can elect who they want to be president, and these people should have the chance to run too.

  • Never never never!

    The president of the United States should always be a natural born citizen. This should never be amended. People of any country become accustomed to their culture in a way that someone who migrates to this country will never understand. Although their are plenty of opportunities for foreigners, the President of the United States should never be one of them.

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