Foreign-connected PACs spent $10 million on the US election so far. Is everything for sale, including elections?

  • Yes, and I don't like it!

    It is an unfortunate side affect of a capitalist economy that those with money have more power, and can use it to their advantage. Anything can be bought, especially for those without a clear sense of ethics. Money has always been a huge part of the election process, giving candidates that are backed with more financial support more power, whether or not the majority of the populace cares for that particular person.

  • Yes, everything is for sale

    This is nothing new. As more resources are controlled by fewer people, the natural checks and balances of politics and the market cease to work. As a result, the market, and the government, begins to show more and more bias toward the few people who control the majority of resources and power.

    Our production of goods has shifted. The money and time that once went into the production of an object now goes toward marketing and distribution. The object itself becomes cheaper and lower quality, but the price remains the same because the difference goes toward marketing and distribution. The difference is that a smaller number of people can control the production and distribution, and therefore the profits, of more and more goods. Naturally, those people become more powerful.

  • Politics will aslway be for sale.

    I don't agree with it, but sadly it is true. Elections are for sale, and most politicians will become greedy during election time. Sadly, a good majority of politicians do not have their own funds to run their campaigns. The hotels, food, salaries, and transpiration is something they have to take care of themselves. If you have some one running for president, that is roughly two years of travel they commit to. Sadly, donations can be hard to come by in the numbers that they needs, so they will turn to other politicians or groups to help fund their cause. Sometimes they get caught up with the wrong people and take from someone they should not, thus owing them something.

  • Foreign money is stil good here.

    No, the fact that foreign money was spent on the US election does not mean everything is for sale. Many foreign countries and businesses have an interest in American politics. As long as we're willing to purchase products from foreign businesses and live in a global society, there will always be outside interests in who we elect. In some cases, this may be a good thing, since not all Americans seem to have much sense in this election.

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