Foreign intervention in African affairs: Should foreign countries intervene in African affairs?

  • Actually, yes. Africa is a poor, diseased environment.

    While I might have loved to live in Africa in it's golden age, like a few thousand years ago when it was just a bunch of tribes just living and doing their thing, I do believe that now, Africa really needs some help. Nearly every country in Africa has a large poverty rate and many diseases. I just think that we should go out and help out our brothers and sisters, is all. Because like it or not, Humans have a responsibility for each other.

  • Foreign countries should intervene in African affairs.

    For the sake of Africa as well as world peace in general foreign countries should intervene in African countries.The emerging democracies on the continent can learn a lot from more established countries.They also have other resources like minerals that need to be explored from a global perspective.where the minerals can be best managed.

  • Africans should own their reforms

    Throughout history, colonialist and imperialist powers have invaded Africa, hoping to incite cultural and political changes based in racist ideology. Many modern-day aid groups continue to use the progressive rhetoric that justified these past invasions, often dumping money and resources into countries where they are not needed, and sometimes even exacerbating existing political struggles. Foreign governments should keep their hands off of Africa, and allow the people of African nations to fight for the political changes they desire with autonomy.

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