Foreign military intervention in Chechnya: Do the Chechen's have a national sovereign claim that must be protected?

  • Yes, Chechen sovereignty must be protected.

    Regardless of how a government treats its citizens, and what sorts of wars they start, their sovereignty must be protected. Their established democracy or citizenship should be given priority in this shifting global landscape. Too many countries are given low priority in terms of sovereignty and independence from superpowers. This should not be.

  • From a Chechen

    No, sadly my people are too traumatized to rule a country in a democratic and peacefull way. Let us have peace. Even if we got our independence, we would still be troubled by the bad relations with Russia, which would fling us into poverty. Even though Kadyrov rules in a undemocratic manner, atleast we have peace. Maybe in the future when the troubles of two bloddy wars are forgotten

  • Chechnya Part of Russia

    Chechnya is still part of Russia and shouldn't count on foreign military intervention unless the mother country wantonly kills ethnic Chechens. The problem is complicated--terror attacks in Russia are often blamed upon Chechen insurgents who want freedom. Ethnically, Chechnya may have a sovereign claim. However, foreign military units shouldn't get involved until bloodshed becomes more one-sided or if the violence spills over into another country.

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