Foreign military intervention in Chechnya: Should outside nations intervene militarily in crisis/war in Chechnya?

  • Get Involved in Chechnya

    Although the U.S. should not get involved in a possible war cituation that we don't need other surronding nations should. If they stand by and watch it happen it may get them into a war or affect the people of those countries. Either way someone needs to intervine because there is a great amount of lives being lost for reasons that aren't nessecary, someone needs to step in and stop the loss of life.

  • Yes, Chechnya is a human tragedy.

    Yes, outside nations should intervene militarily in Chechnya. In Chechnya there has been a great loss of life. Chechnya is a great human tragedy. The conflict is Chechnya has also been sustained. Other nations cannot simply sit by and watch while innocent people suffer. With this kind of conflict, it is important that other nations send military intervention in order to stop human suffering.

  • Let them solve their own problems.

    U.S. involvement in these matters would be pointless. The Chechen people and the Russian government are not going to come to some kind of compromise because of any outside forces. They need to work out their differences on their own time and from the inside. If Russia cannot deal with their terrorism, it is not expressly our problem to solve, and we should only try to promote peace and understanding so that the two groups stop killing each other out of spite.

  • The United States should stay out of Chechnya

    The U.S. should not get involved with their problems unless they're about to start another world war. There is no reason to get involved with a country that we really have nothing to do with. I believe we have lost way too many men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan the past 15 or so years.

  • Do not intervene in Chechnya.

    The United States should not intervene in Chechnya, because it would be unnecessary bloodshed on our part. The US going into Chechnya would be frivolous, because the conflict does not involve us, it is between Russia and Chechnya, and the United States has their own problems that need to solved.

  • Do not get involved.

    The US should stay out of Chechnya. We do not need to get involved with a foreign country and possibly create a war we do not want to fight. Russia needs to come up with a system on their own to try to keep Chechnya under control. The Chechens are all about revenge. If Russia decides to send forces and kill their people the Chechens are going to go to Russia and kill their innocent families as well. Either way I think the US should stay out of Chechnya and let things work themselves out.

  • The Chechens' Anger

    The problems between Chechnya and Russia are between them and should be kept between them. The U.S. should try to negotiate for peace because we should not put ourselves in the middle of a feud. The Chechens feel wronged and want revenge on Russia, so if America were to intervene using military force, the Chechens might see us as a threat as well and turn their attacks on us. The need for vengeance is something that is deeply ingrained into Chechens and we should not provoke it unnecessarily. There is still the possibility for Chechnya to be calmed down, but needless violence will only shed blood.

  • Don't get involved

    We shouldn't get involved because it is way too dangerous. The people of Chechnya have crazy morals. What happens if there's an instance of open fire? If an American kills one of them everyone else is doomed. They could use a bomb and kill several people which wouldn't be good. Imagine how those peoples families would feel.

  • No New Problems

    The United States is already dealing with its own war on terrorism. The intervention of the United States in Chechnya could lead to hostility between U.S. and Russian forces, as well as terrorists from Chechnya. The U.S. should decide which side of the conflict they are on, and send that side financial aide. Other than that, the U.S. has no real reason to get involved in Chechnya.

  • Violence breeds more Violence

    The US already has its hands full trying to deal with Syria and ISIS. Adding fuel to an already burning fire would not solve anything. According to Chechen beliefs, if a US soldier were to take the life of a Chechen this would then make that entire Chechen family mad at the us maybe sparking them to do something horrible. Taking military action in Chechnya would just cause more problems for the US and Chechnya. They have their ways of doing things, they are slowly pushing for none violent ways to get peace for the violence and terrors happening in Chechnya.

  • No New Problems

    The United States is already dealing with its own war on terror, it does not need to intervene in someone else's war. If the United States would send any military aide to Chechnya, this action may cause hostilities between the U.S. and Russia. Also, the American people would not support any intervention other than financial backing for the Chechens.

  • No, The U.S should stay out of Chechnya.

    I don't think the United States should get involved with the Chechnya's problems. I agree that it is sad and there has been a great loss of life, but if we choose to get involved then we could potentially be in put in a similar position which we do not something the U.S needs with already having conflicts with Iraq.

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