Foreign Troop Exit in the Phillipines: Is Duterte making a mistake by losing U.S. troop support?

  • Yes, It is too Sudden.

    Rodrigo Duterte has called for the release of all foreign troops in the Phillipines. This is a huge mistake, by losing American troop support. This is going to upset any peace treaties we have in place with the Phillipines, and will create unnecessary bad blood between our countries. They need our alliance more than we do.

  • Duterte should not be so quick to dismiss U.S. support.

    The Philippines have a long history of not being able to defend themselves against hostile takeover from other nations and they are sacrificing in this instance that can spare them from rebellion by internal opposition, as well as foreign terrorist groups. Duterte is operating under a misguided nationalism that fails to consider the strategic and economic benefits his country can enjoy by maintaining good relations with the United States and he is making a mistake by dismissing US. troops

  • Yes, Duterte is making a mistake by losing U.S. troop support.

    Yes, Duterte is making a mistake by losing U.S. troop support, and his country will suffer because of it. Unfortunately for those who live in the Phillippines, Duterte is making too many self-interested decisions. He is losing popularity quickly and is hurting the economy and military of his once proud nation.

  • No of course not

    I applaud Duterte for becoming independent. The US shouldn't have been in control of the Phillipines in the first place. The only reason they did was though war aka the The Philippine-American War, 1899–1902. Once again another example of the US using war and fear to gain more power over everyone. Honestly its disgraceful

  • No, Duterte is not making a mistake losing U.S. troop support.

    No, I do not believe that Duterte is making a mistake by losing U.S. troop support in the Philippines. There comes a time in all situations similar to his where a country needs to learn to stand on their own feet and support themselves. The U.S. troops can't stay there forever so now is as good of a time as any.

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