• Yes, firearms belong in contemporary civilization

    As long as firearms are used by criminals they will be necessary to civilization. There is not any way to prevent criminals and people with bad intents to have firearms, and therefore it is necessary for the rest of civilization to have a way to protect themselves. Firearms are not a perfect solution but they are the best one available at this time.

  • Firearms are not just contemporary but they are everywhere

    Although, the idea that because firearms are everywhere does not legitimize their need to be in civilization but what other means are there for people to defend themselves? Tazers and shock weapons are in their infancy and do not fully protect a person from multiple bad people. It would take one shock per person and in a criminal incident that is too much time. A person with a gun can do a lot of damage in minimum time; unfortunately, that is something we have witnessed too often. The firearm is still the only equalizer. Other than running away that is.

  • Fight fire with fire

    Unbeknown to those that only read major news headlines, providing people with access to their own firearms has played a major part in derailing plans for possibly tragic events. I have read articles where proper precautions were taken and a school security guard was permitted to carry a firearm and diffused a situation with a student yielding his own firearm. Had that security guard not been permitted to carry his own, for not only his own protection, but the entire student bodies, then this situation could have taken a turn for the worse.

  • Firearms are a necessary evil in modern society

    I am a peace loving person who believes that all mankind should be able to get along without stress and strife, but I am also a realist. Strong nations survive by having strong armies for a reason. There are people who are willing to kill for the smallest inconsequential thing like money, drugs, jealousy, jihad etc. It appears that violence is a part of the human condition from the beginning of time, hence Kane and Abel. In order for the rest of us to survive we have to have the ability, just like our government, to protect our property and ourselves. So with a heavy heart I must admit that firearms unfortunately belong in contemporary civilizations.

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