Former child actor found dead: is there anything a state can do to prevent people dying so young?

  • The state should educate school counselors more on the signs on child abuse and endangerment to prevent child deaths.

    I'm not saying that it is the states fault for all child deaths, but I do think there are some things that they could do to help. This could be such as promoting awareness throughout communities and having all schools hire a school counselor and explain to children that that is somebody they can trust to talk to. I don't think there should be any laws regulating how much work a child actor can have because that is a parents job not the states but they can fund more money towards child protective services to help

  • Prevent Child Deaths

    Child deaths due to child abuse is a big social issue to address. The government needs to create awareness among general population, as well as amongst teachers, doctors, nurses, recreation staff, and neighbors who see children who are at risk of child abuse every day. Government needs to come up with recommendations for expanded prevention services for at-risk families; attention to workforce issues, including decreasing high caseloads and increasing the qualifications of child protection workers; a national strategy for better coordination of law enforcement and child protective services; changes to the current confidentiality laws associated with child abuse and neglect deaths; and increased funding for child protective services on a national level.States also count and report child abuse data differently, leaving the actual number of abused children and child abuse- and neglect-related fatalities unknown. These need to be accurate.

  • Yes, the state can pass legislation to protect child actors.

    Yes, the state can pass legislation to curb the problems that contribute to a child actor's chances of dying young. For example, it can set limits on how long a child actor can work in a particular period of time, thus reducing the amount of stress placed upon them. Similarly, it can pass privacy laws so that child actors won't be as vulnerable as their adult counterparts to a prying media.

  • State does not need to do anything to prevent this.

    I do not condone the government getting any more involved in the day to day life of its citizens. However, I do believe that people in general should make better choices and behave in a more responsible manner. Parents need to be stricter - even if your child is a famous actor.

  • There is nothing a state can do to prevent people from dying so young

    If a track record of government means anything, then it is stunningly clear that the state cannot do one single thing to prevent people from dying young. Take any program, be it the war on poverty, or more on point, the war on drugs and lets examine the reality. The reality is that dollar after dollar is pumped into these kinds of programs with absolutely no record of success.

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