Former cop Drew Peterson was found guilty of trying to hire a hit man to kill a prosecutor. Does he deserve the death penalty?

  • Yes, Drew Peterson is a dangerous man who needs to be stopped.

    Yes, Drew Peterson deserves the death penalty. He has already committed murder and clearly has no remorse. Instead of dealing with the consequences, he attempted to have the prosecutor who sent him to prison killed. Peterson is a dangerous man, even behind bars, and a threat to society. The best way to ensure he never murders again is the death penalty.

  • Drew Peterson deserves the death penalty

    If ever there was a poster boy for the death penalty, Drew Peterson is it. His historical track record of crime is more than enough to rid the earth of this hideous person. He is a man without a conscience and the world would be a better place without him.

  • Drew Peterson deserves death.

    Drew Peterson is one of the most notorious criminals of our day. In my opinion, he deserves the death penalty just for killing his pregnant wife and unborn child. However, the fact that he also tried to have a prosecutor murdered shows just how dangerous he really is. He is heartless and needs to be stopped.

  • No, death penalty is not warranted

    No, Drew Peterson does not deserve the death penalty. Yes, he has been found guilty of some reprehensible acts. From the beginning of the news coverage about Drew Peterson he has seemed like a shady person at least. Now, his actions are being seen more clearly. However, his reprehensible actions don't call for death penalty--another reprehensible action.

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