Former Miss Universe Says Trump is Absolutely Racist: Is this new knowledge?

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  • Not new at all

    It's pretty clear if you look at the housing lawsuits, the comments of employees (former and current), his unofficial biographer etc that Trump has a history of racism. You see comments from employees that they knew when the Trumps came to the casino, that African American employees were to be sent off the floor. Trump makes and has made comments about African Americans, Mexicans, Jews etc.

  • Everyone already knew this

    This is nowhere near new information. You would have to have been living under a rock to not know that Donald Trump is a racist pig. He has said and done numerous things to prove this, and refuses to even apologize for his pathetic and uncaring behavior. Donald Trump is a racist in its purest form.

  • No, Americans have known from the beginning that Trump is racist.

    Trump has proven himself to be extremely racist on every level possible. There are numerous examples throughout his campaign of things he has said or done to show this. His company openly discriminates against the Black community. He condones violence against anyone who opposes his viewpoints, many which have a racial point at its core. It is common knowledge that Trump has made everyone aware of his racism so former Miss Universe stating so is not new knowledge to us.

  • No, It's Old News That Trump is Absolutely Racist

    Since Donald Trump has been a public figure in the spotlight, he has displayed his insensitivity to other races in multiple ways. In May 2016, Donald trump insisted a federal judge was bias because "he's a Mexican". His company has been sued on multiple occasions, alleging acts of racism and fining Trump. More recently, Trump has condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter" protester, implying what occurred was somewhat justified. If you look back into Trump's history with minority races, you can see a pattern of disrespectful attitudes and practices.

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