Former RNC chairman won't back Trump: Should party leaders be required to support the nominee?

  • Yes, RNC officials should have to back Trump.

    Any other election year, the RNC would scream foul if party officials didn't fall into line and back the nominee. Because Donald Trump has been critical of the party's orgranization and management, the head honcho has decided to throw a hissy fit. Get in line, or go home and shut up.

  • No, party leaders should be allowed to vote for whichever candidate they think will best serve the country.

    No, party leaders should not be required to support their party nominee. I believe the most crucial right we have as American citizens is the right to vote and make our voices heard. No one should be forced to vote for a candidate whose beliefs they don't agree with simply because that candidate is their party nominee.

  • No, party leaders should not be required to support the nominee.

    No, party leaders should not be required to support the nominee because this country needs people who will fight for it, not for their political party. A politician should only do what is right for the country, even if that means sacrificing his or her party. It is why we elect them.

  • In a democratic society no one should be forced to express a political opinion.

    America prides itself on its protection of the right to freedom of speech for all people. Therefore it would be paradoxical for the political classes to force their party members to support a particularly political candidate if that is not what they believe is the right thing to do. All people should be allowed to make political decisions without fear or favour, even party members.

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