• Yes i am trolling lololol

    Yes I get paid in rubles and vodka. Surely nobody would genuinely have a pro-American stance online, Surely not a BLACK one who walked away from the democrat party's bullcrap, That's just preposterous XD. Everyone who disagrees with leftist dogma must surely be a russian troll, Perhaps Putin himself lmao.

    (Seriously, The left will always dismiss people with more sense than them as "russian trolls" it just goes to show how closed minded and how deluded you people are. )

  • It is very obvious

    Don't give this dude attention you will regret it. All of his debates are basically memes and he is playing the role of some super conservative ret*rd to get a laugh. I repeat, Do not engage with this animal or he will keep spamming the website. Thank you for listening to my public service announcement.

  • Not if they aren't trolling.

    Even though lots of people may disagree with FormerLeftist and their username may not be completely true, A troll is someone who is just messing around with people. If this person is truly posting their opinion, Then they are not trolling or messing around, Meaning they are not a troll.

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2136850 says2021-05-03T18:43:14.227
The funniest thing about this opinion thing is that it was put by someone as Anonymous so FormerLeftist can't trace this opinion to anyone lol

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