Fort Hood shooting: Should soldiers on military bases be permitted to carry their own concealed weapons?

  • We can trust them in multiple combat tours, wielding the worlds most impressive military instruments...

    ...But we can't trust them to carry a pistol for self defense at home, on a military installation? They should be allowed to exercise the right that they swore an oath to protect, with their commander's letter of authorization so that there is some oversight due to the unique situations they are in and the military culture overall.

  • Soldiers and they right to carry guns.

    Soldiers should still have the right to carry their guns, but every soldier should go back through training on how to carry a gun, there needs to be some type of way to figure out when a soldier is going through depression, so those guns can get taken away, such as if a soldier just cam back from war he is not allowed to carry a gun for 6 months, until his recovery.

  • Yes, they are soldiers and they should have the right to arms on base.

    I feel it's the same old saying, guns don't kill people, people kill people. The soldiers that are unstable and capable of bad things should be in a facility that can help them and allow them to return to normal life in the future. There is no need to punish everyone because some have issues. Also if something goes bad it's good to have the good guy's armed and ready for what is to come.

  • Soldiers should not carry personal firearms

    Personal fire arms would increase violence in the military workplace, not decrease it. The answer to the shootings is to limit firearms to security and do more mental evaluations on people. Security should be abundant on military bases, and high stress jobs like the military should have annual mental evaluations to ensure that people are suitable to work.

  • No, not at all.

    I will never understand the thinking behind more guns saving us from guns. Doesn't the fact that shootings take place on military bases already show you that this doesn't work? Doesn't the fact that America, who has the most weaponized population on earth, leads the world in gun deaths per year?

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