• Fortnite is Evil

    Fortnight is evil cause it's tricked kids into buying stuff from it. Also, Isn't fortnight getting old? It's starting to get repetitive and the updates are not THAT revolutionary. Fortnight is really getting old and the updates take months and it warps kids into playing fortnight. That is taking it too far fortnight.

  • Yes it ruins children

    My child is a fetus and he likes to play fortnite so I ate him before he could buy v bucks with my credit card if you play forntite you a nigga noiwdjdi jao dao dwidwa oijwd lkl wakn;d oo aoi a oo w0wi 0wai pai pai 0pwi 0wi 0p 00

  • Evil? A video game is not evil.

    A game like fortnite, A game where people fight to be last man standing, Evil? Evil is the nazi's, Evil is the Berlin wall. A video game that has optional (purely cosmetic) microtransactions are not evil. A evil game would be manhunt or postal, And those games are banned in some countries because of what they contain. Just because your kid steals your credit card and buys skins in a game does not make it evil.

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