• Fortnite is the best game ever.

    I think fortnite is the best because fortnite is a well balanced game and it is a skilled game. It is a very skilled game. If you are a very skilled you can join tournments and earn a lot of money. ALso you can just have fun. In fortnite you can do challenges, LTM's, Buy cosmetics to look cool, And there is a creative map and you can to anything in creative.

  • Not. Even. Close.

    I can think of a trillion games that could make the title of "Best Games in History" before Fortnite makes the list. Whoever said this game is the greatest ever obviously is a virgin 20 year old or an 8 year old. The game has a toxic community and squeakers that try too hard and act like they're professionals like FaZe or twitch streamers with "like, Um. . . Like 300 million followers. " "Say hi to my 500, 000 viewers on twitch right now. " Most of the people that play this game are stupid. But not all. Some people, Like Nick Eh 30 and Sancho West, Two great, Kind, And positive streamers that play the game for fun, Make me take of a sort of neutral side, But on the topic of is it an OK game. This is not the greatest game ever, And it never will be.

  • Fortnite is trash

    Fortnite is trash and we all know it. *dabs* It took over yt and now minecraft is ded. FXCK FORTNUT here. TAKE THIS! LLLL L LLL LL LLL LL LLL LLLL LL LL LLLL LLL L LLL LL LL L LLL LL L L LLL LL LLL LL LL boi

  • Too many 9 year olds

    Fortnight is too boring to play and there are too many squeakers to have fun playing the game and there are also try hard that play 24/7 they think they are slick killing me then dabing on my but they are really just stupid and the only thing that can do is play fortnight

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