• PUBG all the way

    I voted no to signify that I voted for PUBG because PUBG was on the right so was the "NO" button. PUBG is better in so many aspects. Fortnite doesn't and cant compare. PUBG so much more took care of with so much more attention to detail. Fortnite is an unrealistic game that implements endless microtransactions, constantly begging for money, But when it comes to PUBG it adds real suspense to a game you get so invested in you are constantly scared of losing or someone sneaking up killing you. It's a very intense game. The person playing the game roams around while trying to find the best guns and best armor. Giving realist features like when firing a gun the game gives the gun recoil the gun would normally have in a real-life situation Fortnite which disregards realism and gives more of a cartoon play style rather than trying to making details and making a realistic game.

  • Fortnight is amazing

    Fortnight is amazing. It has way better graphics then Pub-G. Fortnight works way better on mobile than Pub-G. Pub-G is trash and needs a lot of improvement. It would be a lot better if... What I'm trying to say is Pub-G is an ok game but needs improvement. I'm done.

  • Fortnite is More Realistic

    In PUBG the map is atrociously large and there is almost no point to keep playing it the graphics are bad and the coloring is too dark. In Fortnite there seems to be so much color it keeps me reeled in. The vibrancy of colors adds a twist to the action filled game. Fortnite also seems to be updating so many times with new skins, weapons, game modes, and videos whether on Twitch, Youtube, or some other source. PUBG was fun while it lasted, it's dead now so get over it and see what Fortnite is all about! This is all coming from someone that's played both, loved PUBG so much I never believed there could ever be a better game. Then Fortnite happend it seemed to slap all PUBG players in the face whether good or bad, it did, and now Fortnite is so far ahead PUBG cannot catch up...

  • My Answer? 'No.'

    Okay, can I jut say that I really do not see the appeal in these games?
    It's just a load of people chucked into an arena and being told to shoot each other. It's the average shooting game deathmatch but bigger And the arenas are so bloody big that it'll be ages before you actually find anyone. What's so special about the formula again?
    PUBG is apparently full of bugs and glitches while Fortnite is riddled with my personal pet hate in videogames: the microtransaction.
    That, and the fanbases, oh dear lord the fanbases. Never before have I seen such an unholy mound of normies in my life, and this is the guy who's seen ALL of the crappy fandoms. All of them.

    Finally, Fortnite resurrected the Embodiment of YouTube Clickbait himself, Durv. That is a sin on its own. I'll stick to Monster Hunter World, thank you.

  • Fortnite is the best

    IT helps me concentrate, it is way better than PUBG and has better graphics. Over the weekends over three million people play fortnite. Beat that PUBG. Also, fortnite make cooler updates like adding shopping carts. Fortnite will always be better than PUBG because it is fortnite. It is FORTNITE .

  • Fortnite is the one and only.

    PUBG contains one studio to work on their baby, PUBG. Fortnite has EPIC Games, a company who has already saddled the horse and rode it around. It shutdown its other projects to focus mainly on Fortnite. It is a lot faster pushing out updates, comments, patches, tweaks, weapons, skins, and anything to keep the fanbase thriving. By the time PUBG is able to push an update, Fortnite will have completed it five updates prior.

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