• Fortnite is beter because it is funer

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  • Bootykiller03ugjnujn9okmokm boggy dick

    PUBG is more rellevant than fortnite because if you play fortnite you have the small pipi also because most fortnite players are 12 year old faggots ragingkjn lijniouh iouhi yhiuh ui ojoi ujiuo hiu hiou niou niou lkjnioy buy kuyk jhbuogy o ihiyghiyohu97yh97huihiu iuhiou hiuo h uh uh h iuh uh

  • Is this even a question

    Forknife sux kid. Fortnite is only more popular because it's free. I had to steal my mom's credit card in order to get pupg. I really don't appreciate all the little kids killing me on fortnite because it angers me and makes me want to punch my dog. Maybe one day when you KIDS grow up you'll learn that living in your mom;'s basement isnt really that bad becaused her credit card is always withgin reach.

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