• The best game

    It's the best game because you can talk to your friends. You can make money off youtube from it and it can inspire kids to have a imagination in creative mode there doesn't need shooting. You can use your imagination. You can go in to turdoments and win money from winning.

  • Yes i think so

    I don't really know what to put here but my grandson loves to play fortnite why just the other day he played it on my computer and he was shooting bears and robots and such and i didnt understand it but as long as hes having fun i don't mind

  • Fortnite is gay

    Fortnite is a trashy free game that will die really quickly just like fidget spinners. Minecraft is way better and it is worth spending $38 for. Fortnite servers should die and be replaced by Minecraft servers because Fortnite is bad for your health. Really bad for your health. Minecraft good.

  • Well I have my opinion but. .

    I think the game is not to great now there are million of kids out their who truly enjoy the game and they love it and that is cool but when the streamers of Fortnite are dissing the game you kind of have to know that something is wrong. Now before you go dissing me about how I have never played the game before and I suck, Well one I have and yes I do. Anyways with that out of the way the game once started out as an a great battle royale game with easy to understand build mechanics. I have many other reasons too graphic quality is poor the game often crashes or experiences lag and the matchmaking system is poor. Now I understand that they made a competitive mode and that's great, Seriously it could work. But no Smurf accounts came in and screwed that up and now we have this mess of a game with their streamers dissing it. For proof of the streamers dissing the game go to thatdenverguyYT and watch a few of his newer videos or go to twitter. I would love to hear some other opinions on this, So please comment or write in yes and share it.

  • Fortnite is trash.

    Fortnite is a battle royale game. It is a game happen on the exact same island over and over again and requires the exact same controls every time. Tfue and Ninja got used to this control years ago, Yet this control sequence is too boring and monotonous to let most people like it. It could be fun, Yet it is also too monotonous for your brain even if you enjoy it every time you play it. It is very different for you to have an instant motion then that your brain actually think twice and thrice before the signal is actually filtered. Fortnite is always the instant motion when you get good. Always.

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