Fortunate people believe in god and unfortunate people who experience the harshest realities of life know there is no good god.

Asked by: steffon66
  • If your happy and have never experienced the harsh realities of life your ignorant to the fact that there is no good god

    We are at the top of the food chain, we have an ability to make ourselves happy, and our leaders want us to believe in god. So of course we are going to believe in a good god. We have it good. But when things go bad for people they often lose their faith and we are talking about when their children die. Thats nothing compared to what some people go through so its no wander they dont beleive in god. Some people are completely miserable and they cant do anything about it while fat happy religious and fortunate americans say happiness is a choice. To that i say f you buddy. Live my life and then tell me there is a good god. You would change your mind about god if you were me and that i know. God if he exists put animals in the wild to rip each other to shreds for survival when he could have made plant eaters. God lets children starve. And the christian god punishes children for the sins of their parents exodus 20:5, the story of adam and eve, or noah. All throughout the bible god punshes children for their parents sins. Fyg.... F your gods

  • Forgiving yet knowing every evil act past, present or future.

    Being a Christian, I believe that God must know every evil act in order to judge us perfectly. We put Him to death lawfully, but unjustly (sorry I used the word murder erroneously in a previous post) despite this fact. How can He not be good seeing every evil act we have, are, or will commit and still offer to forgive us if we only ask for forgiveness?

  • No. Your statement is not true at all.

    I am actually in the latter of the two statements you have said in your question; my parents have divorced, I was kidnapped, and many other things have happened to me over the past 4 years. Now, my situation totally disproves your argument, because in the midst of chaos, pain, and suffering I found God, and I came to know Him as my Creator and Savior, and my life has greatly changed because of Him.

  • True, but ...

    While what a "god" is and if it can have attributes like good or bad, remains unknown, the process of coming to the conclusion that there is no good god by living a harsh life tend to vary. Some people rationalize and justify unfortunate events in their lives by believing that god is testing them, god gave the free will, there is no compassion without pain, it's a part of god's mysterious plan etc. Then there are those who seem to find comfort in religious beliefs during the roughest periods in their lives. Then again, as you write, a harsh life can convince someone that god certainly isn't good. Although a critical eye on the matter would settle that conclusion by itself.

    So this is more of an issue of ignorance vs. Understanding, not necessarily one of having lived a fortunate or unfortunate life.

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