Forty-three NFL players have been suspended for the year thus far. Do you feel that number is too high?

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  • They are role models

    I don't think the number is too high because NFL players need to be held to a high moral standard. Many children and young adults look up to their favorite professional for guidance and inspiration. If they see NFL players getting away with drug abuse, illegal game play or any other sort of negative activity on or off the field, the kids will think it's acceptable behavior to emulate.

  • I don't care

    I honestly don't really care, but I guess it depends on what they did. If they needed to be suspended, then i think its a good thing. This will make the other players fully understand that if they screw up, they get suspended. They seem to act like they can do anything and get away with it. Nope.

  • Forty-Three NFL players

    No I do not feel that the number forty three is too high. If forty three NFL players did something to get them selves suspended than they should all be suspended. It does not matter the number it just mattered if thing are getting handled appropiately and efficiently with the people involved.

  • Gumshoe's thought process alert

    Every law applies to everyone. That is how things typically work here in the United States. Thus, a person who plays professional football is not exempt from the same laws as a hotel bar waitress. The same concept applies in this case. These players came into the National Football League knowing that they were a strict bunch of people. Heck, I don't even like all of there policies. But, a rule you do not like is not a rule you can break. They are not high schoolers anymore. They are not going to get people turning a blind eye to their crimes (a status quo I am against, by the way). It's time they learned that.

  • No, that number is not too high.

    NFL players and all professional athletes need to be held accountable for their actions. They don't get a free pass because they are a pro sports player. If they do something illegal or something that embarrasses the league (their boss), they should be punished for it. If they worked for any other company and did drugs or embarrassed their employer, then they would be fired. Professional athletes come into their jobs at such a young age that many of them aren't mature enough to deal with all the money that they are given. The NFL is trying to send a message and teach a lesson and I believe it's a fair one.

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