Four African-Americans in custody after torturing mentally disabled white man on Facebook, live. Was this a racial hate crime?

  • Yes it is, the people were express hatred over him being a "white boy"

    Was shown that they did it because he was a "white boy" and "voted for trump." This indicates that not only were they expressing hatred for his race, but also that they were motivated by the election results. No race card is being pulled here, there motive was that he was white and was a filthy trump supporter.

  • Yes, it was a racial hate crime to some degree.

    I have seen some of the video and the four African American's very clearly shouted their disdain for the white race as well as Anti-Trump sentiments. The young man was clearly targeted for his race and possibly his mental capabilities. The evidence was in the footage and those disgusting humans should be charged and locked up.

  • Four torturers should be charged for a hate crime

    The four African Americans that tortured a mentally disabled white man committed a racial hate crime, and should be charged. They were shouting anti-Donald Trump and anti-white statements while committing these heinous acts. He appears to have been targeted for his race, along with his mental disability. this was a clear violation of his civil rights.

  • Yes, the torture of a mentally disabled white man by four black youths was a racially motivated hate crime.

    Yes, the torture of a mentally disabled white man by four black youths was a racially motivated hate crime. By watching the Facebook Live video, we can hear that the attackers shouted their disdain for President-Elect Donald Trump as well as their hatred for white people. It is painfully obvious that this was a bias crime.

  • It was 4 black guys attacking a white guy because he like Donald Trump

    I kind of think it was racist but at the same time not because from what I have seen about it i haven't been able to get enough information on if they did it because he was white, mentally disabled, or a Trump supporter. Also i think the 4 black guys are pretty dumb for putting it on Facebook because then thy are definitely going to get caught.

  • Yes it definitely is.

    Any time someone is violently targeted because of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc it is a hate crime. Their mention of "F___ white people" makes this completely clear. Such actions are reprehensible and should be condemned and punished regardless of the the target and victims. As the authorities said there is no question, this is a hate crime.

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