Four countries team up to create a Super Grid: Is the United States lagging in renewable energy development?

  • The U.S. is far behind in renewable energy

    The United States is well behind the rest of the industrialized world in renewable energy development, with much of the blame going to partisan gridlock. Specifically, Republicans in Congress have long insisted that the country should continue to use coal and oil, which they claim are cheaper sources of energy.

  • The United States are not doing all that is possible

    While "green" practices are gaining strength across the nation, the United States has access to advanced technology which other countries might lack. This country could certainly be doing more to reduce its carbon footprint. This new Super Grid initiative should be a wake-up call to put more effort into renewable energy.

  • Yes we are

    The United States is absolutely behind when it comes to renewable energy and this trend is likely to continue under Trump. He's going to gut any "green" measures we have in place and is allowing energy lobbyists to run the the DEP. We won't make progress with wind, solar etc and Trump and his team don't think that's a priority.

  • United States is a leader in renewable energy development

    A Super Grid for several countries is a bad idea. The power grid is a vulnerability for all countries. To tie them all together makes the involved countries more vulnerable. The United States has led many other countries in the development and research of renewable energy. The U.S. is certainly not falling behind other countries.

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