Four countries team up to create Super Grid: Is the U.S. behind in renewable energy development?

  • Yes, the U.S. is behind in renewable energy development

    The Super Grid countries of Asia include Japan, South Korea, China and Russia and they will set an example of energy development. The U.S. is lagging due to dependency on oil and our economic factors. It is vital for the U.S. to step up our programs and consider the need for clean, safe, renewable energy for the future.

  • The U.S. is behind in a lot of things apparently.

    As this election showed, the U.S. is not as progressive as it likes to think it is. The popular vote does not matter in a country that aims to spread democracy across the globe. I don't see the U.S. trying to use more renewable sources of energy and I am sure that it won't join any pacts with anyone else in the near future.

  • The US is behind in renewable energy development, and that will get worse with the Trump administration.

    The US is behind other countries in renewable energy development. Attempts to set up a Super Grid have been made in the past, but their commercial need wasn't seen. Now that we have a President-Elect who has said that Climate Change is a Chinese hoax, one can expect that the Super Grid will not be a high priority for his administration.

  • US Behind in Renewable Energy Race

    Germany has thousands of wind farms, Scandinavia is full of hydro-power, Iceland runs almost entirely on geothermal power, Japan is building off-shore tidal power... The US could be capitalizing on our southwestern sunshine, and building off-shore hydro-power. The challenge is worth it considering the gains from less expensive renewable energy and a reduced carbon footprint.

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