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Four prominent online campaigners with anti-military views believed abducted in Pakistan: Will this spark civil war?

  • Yes, it will

    There is already an ongoing war in Pakistan, but this will likely intensify it and add more countries to the fight. The middle east is volitile and there is a lot going on in the middle east but this is likely to make the civil war that is going on more violent.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This might actually spark civil war. Why on earth would they do this? I thought that we have the right to our own opinions and the right to speech too. People will go on the streets to protests against this act of the four prominent online campaigners being abducted because of their anti-military views.

  • No, this will not spark a civil war.

    No, this will not spark a civil war because it takes a lot more than just one incident to spark a war. This may help lead to a war, but for a group of people to declare war, a lot needs to happen. This is not a big enough reason yet.

  • I don't think it will spark civil war

    Lots of stuff goes on in Pakistan that you wouldn't see in other countries, mainly because of how it is policed. If every time something like this happened they went mad then civil wars would be constant. It will heighten tensions and cause more problems but I doubt it will result in a full civil war.

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