Four tornadoes land in Illinois: Is severe weather in the U.S. getting worse?

  • The Midwest Endures Another Year of inclement Weather

    2016 looks as if it'll bring another wave of inclement weather to the MIdwest. A series of tornadoes tore through the central states and destroyed homes and commercial buidlings, tearing full tress from the ground. Forecasters are predicting for the intensity of these storms to continue throughout the summer and suggest residents to develop a severe weather plan that'll keep them safe when those tornodos return.

  • Yes, climate change is causing severe weather to get worse.

    Climate change has been having a negative effect on global weather for years now. Tornadoes and storms have increased in frequency and severity, summers are getting hotter, winters are nearly nonexistent, and spring and fall feel like summer. If we don't take action against climate change soon, the damage may become irreversible.

  • Severe weather events have increased.

    Severe weather is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States. Environmental changes and changes in the climate allow for favorable conditions for severe storm systems to develop. We need to begin to realize that severe weather is not merely a spontaneous product of the environment, but directly impacted by humankind.

  • Probably just a pattern

    Weather trends seem to change throughout the years, with bad weather happening in cycles. There have always been tornadoes and other severe weather systems, and it doesn't seem that there is any real increase in the incidence of this. We tend to think the weather is getting worse each time a cycle of bad weather happens, then forget about it after some fair weather.

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