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  • I Think It Is

    I believe birthright citizenship is good for America. This simply means that is possible for an illegal immigrants child (who was born here) to grow up and potentially become the president of the United States. The system works better when we include the people our laws impact. Birthright citizenship is great for America and we should protect it.

  • Too much misuse.

    No, birthright citizenship is not good for America, because it is misused too often. Too many women come to the United States just to give birth. Once they have their anchor baby, the entire family gets to come to the United States. We need to remove this incentive so it stops happening.

  • It rewards breaking our laws.

    Birthright citizenship is bad for America. It rewards illegal immigrants by awarding their children citizenship. This then allows them to collect welfare in the name of their children, which places a burden on society and the budget. Being able to receive handouts from the US government as a reward for breaking our laws encourages others to come here illegally.

  • Citizenship should be redefined in a constitutional convention.

    It was necessary to defines citizenship as set out by the 14th amendment to deal with conditions of the times, but it is no longer the case that this is a functional definition. Citizenship in the US should be defined as many nations do by citizen status of parentage or naturalization, not birth location.

  • No, birthright citizenship isn't good for America.

    I do not believe that birthright citizenship is good for the United States of America. I think that it is a law that should be gotten rid of. I do not think that people should have the right to be an American citizen just because they were born in the country.

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