Fox News Debate Polls: Are They Accurate and Being Held to a High Editorial Standard?

  • Yes, Fox polls are as accurate as any others.

    Fox News debate polls are as accurate as any other polls. Polls always have some room for error, and many times people can change their minds throughout a campaign cycle. However, Fox News is a legitimate news source that would have professional pollsters conducting these surveys. Their polls are as accurate as any other network's polling data.

  • Fox News polls are as accurate as any other

    With all media being driven by money, there are no truly objective news sources anymore. The debate polls conducted by Fox News are as accurate as those conducted by any other news organization and held to the same editorial standard of all news outlets that must balance entertainment with news.

  • They weren't much accurate in carrying out the poll

    A Fox News executive sent a memo to television producers and the politics team on Tuesday afternoon reminding employees that unscientific online polls "do not meet our editorial standards."
    They fall victim of flaw traffic rush, whereby users voted twice or in other sense impersonate their presence as newly user and tries to commit another vote , which means given them a unrealistic vote count. "Another problem — we know some campaigns/groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online polls and flood the results," she wrote. "These quickie click items do not meet our editorial standards."

  • I don't think any debate poll is accurate.

    I don't see how any debate poll can be accurate as the pollsters only take a sample size into account. The demographics and party affiliation of this sample size may differ from one poll to the next, so there really is no way for anyone to get a complete picture of what the people think,

  • They are Legally Entertainment

    Two of their reporters in Florida were fired for refusing to lie about an egregious public health hazard and the state of Florida said they could not sue because Fox News is merely entertainment. They're all entertainment these days with 7% of the country approving of their own government, yet, 60% insist that the government and mass media they call evil lie to them for their own protection. Conan O'Brien does a regular spoof on the news industry where he has his staff record hundreds of talking heads all spouting the exact same B.S. Verbatim.

    There's a famous story about a man who escaped the Soviet Union and when reporters asked him what he thought about America his automatic response was, "We knew we were being lied to!"

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