• Yes yes yes

    They just spout random un verified bullshit, They make America not want to talk to anyone who has a opinion other than guns god and the oil industry, "f**k YOU TUCKER SAID IT SO IT MUST BE TRUE", Fox is also just incredibly bias and caters exclusively to a right wing audiance.

  • Yep they did

    Why do we have riots? Because Fox News defended a bunch of white supremacy and condoned police brutality and then they freaked out over when the country started rioting, Maybe they’re rioting because they’re tired and fed up with police brutality and Fed up with the white supremacy and racist America and racist news like Fox News! They complain about riots but they’re fully okay with cops killing black people. Their hate speech is responsible for donald trump, The corrupt republicans, Racist capitalism, Climate change, School shootings, Oh and let’s not forget donald trump!

  • Absolutely yes yes

    The news center isn’t even classified as a new center. It is extremely biased and unreliable. If you are getting you are info from it you shouldn’t even be allowed to have an opinion on politics. They blow things out of proportion, Suck up to trump, And are one of the worst centers for information ever.

  • Yes they did

    Sure they were/are the Republican propaganda network that usually lies the most. They go for the audience that are racist or bad religious people. But that's not how they destroyed the "right" in the USA. It simply boils down to one subject. Fear.

    The right in general are more fearful as a group. Fox News adds to that fear. Fox News used to ham it up for their base. But now that they seem "anti-Trump" they are moving to the more dangerous OANN/Newsmax.

    They simply did nothing to help ease the right fears. Only added fuel to the fire. They created monsters who are basically immune to facts. Had they did a better job at reporting unbiased truths and not adding gas to fear fire, The USA would be a better place.

    That said CNN/MSNBC are just like 1% better and also helped in the destruction of the USA/

  • The Lesser of All the Evils

    Fox let us know about election cheating, Biden and Hunter taking money from China to get them in our White House, Congress corruption and all the other suppressed garbage the fake news won't tell us about. Fox was the only way to find out real information from the President. The left is trying to change our country to China Communism and Fox is warning us. The fake news just pushes garbage on unintelligent people who "just don't get it". Wake up people before it's too late.

  • Are you guys joking?

    Lol I seriously cannot tell if you guys are joking or not and not that I wanna defend Fox News or anythinf but how the f**k can literally one news network out of all the others singlehandedly “destroy America” sure they make dumb talking points, So do political youtubers, Cnn, Msnbc. A more accurate question would be “did the media destroy America” I mean don lemon said “white people are terrorists” so. . . Cnn destroyed America too

  • Much of it is news and some of it is opinion, Yes, Right wing opinion. That's not dangerous, Its just not what you believe.

    This argument is so silly it hardly required response. Has MSNBC ruined America? Can you disprove what Fox is saying? If not than you just stand on the other side of the aisle and don't want to hear any other thoughts or opinions and YOU are the one ruining America.

  • A sympton not a disease

    Fox news is a symptom of an old and growing illness of anti intellectual ignorance in the american body politic, The fact that people watch it, Chooose to beleive it says more about the populace than can be blamed on a network, Why does it exist, Ask yourself that, Why?

  • No they did not

    I think there is a major hypocrisy problem in the comments. Of course, Fox has a political bias just like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, And every other news network in God's green earth. Biased media is a symptom of a polarized society but not the cause of it. Biased media does not help but it is not the cause either.

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