• Fox News is a fraternity-style network

    Fox News is often under scrutiny, with the most recent instance coming from allegations of sexism that many of the men on the network perpetrate by making aggressive comments about the attractiveness of the females they work with. This means that Fox News is in fact a "good ol' boys" network because the sexism in that workplace is fraternity behavior.

  • Yes it is

    A journalist who once worked at Fox News is echoing some of what former host Gretchen Carlson has said about the culture of the organization, calling it a “good ol’ boys’ network” that put a premium on the way women looked. She claims that she was only taken relatively seriously when she wore high heels and plastered herself in makeup.

  • No, Fox News is not a "good ol' boys' network".

    While Fox News may seem very male-dominated, it is not totally a "good ol' boys' network." There are many female news show hosts such as Greta van Susteren, Megyn Kelly, and Judge Jeanine Pirro, Heather Childers, . The network frequently has female contributors, panelists, and on-air personalities even on male-hosted shows.

  • Fox news is not a “good ol’ boys’ network”

    Fox news is not a “good ol’ boys’ network” for a few reasons. Firstly many people still watch fox news so it's not a pastime. Also it has many sporting events and other important events that people like to watch. Fox gets a bad reputation sometimes but is no different then any other news network.

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