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  • They omit details.

    To their credit, Fox news wasn't crazy enough to roll with Trump's claims of election fraud. They even cut his daughter off in the middle of her inane speech about it. But they have omitted details from cases in order to present a false narrative.

    Fox News: How to Whitewash an atrocity.

    Https://youtu. Be/VC4sAaV1eBs

    This is but one example.

    Tucker Carlson has also made white nationalist talking points. He was faced with a lawsuit and the lawyer convinced the judge to let him go based on the premise that no reasonable person would take someone like Tucker seriously. That was the defense. How embarrassing.

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brodiescott76 says2021-05-20T01:50:16.423
Whichever organization puts profit and narrative before truth is fake news.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-20T08:03:51.877
@brodiescott So. . . . Fox news.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-20T10:31:19.183
Pretty much all mainstream media organizations.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-20T12:06:25.727
So, You don't trust mainstream media. You don't trust academia. You don't trust second-hand sources unless you like what those second hand sources have to say. Got it.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-20T12:31:26.507
I don't trust mainstreamedia because theyve consistently lied. What do you call a person who trusts someone who consistently lies?

I don't trust some Acedemia. Acedemics who have an honest track record like Brett Weinstein and Stephen Pinker are trustworthy. Even though I disagree with 90% of their views, I trust what they say.

I trust second hand sources when they can be confirmed. Its silly to take a second hand source at face value because youre inserting a third party opinion between yourself and the information.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-20T16:33:16.353
But that's what Jordan Peterson does. You take his shlop at face value and he's not a specialist in economics or history as made apparent by sources I have cited.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-20T17:12:45.920
Name one time I referenced or cited or quoted Jordan Peterson to make a point about economics or history.

I don't take what he says at face value. His biblical lectures referencing philosophy and history are interesting. I find them interesting because I have the Bible to juxtapose with said lectures. His analysis of Communism and totalitarianism paired with the human proclivity to commit atrocity is as far as I can tell spot on. Again this is juxtaposing his lectures with works of non fiction demonstrating those proclivities. A long way gone by Ismael Beah, The Gulag Archipelago by Solzentizyn, Ordinary men by Christopher Browning. You can't read those books and come away with at least an understanding of his perspective. He is an autjority on psychology, So his expertise on that topic can be looked at with less scrutiny. Not to mention his message to get young men to take responsibility for their lives can only be described as good.
Anonymous says2021-05-20T19:54:56.530
IMO, The only unbiased station is the BBC.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-21T02:25:43.907
I know you got your Pareto Distribution spheal from JP. You don't have to mention his name for me to know how you operate.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-21T08:24:57.107
Yes I heard about it from Jordan Peterson. But i was not created by Jordan Peterson. It was discovered by Vilfredo Pareto whose an economist. It was then popularized in practice by Joseph Juran. I also never used Jordan Peterson as a citation reference or quote source for anything. So this brings us back to the question "Is a principle incorrect just because Jordan Peterson talked about it? "
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-21T09:45:57.007
No, But Jordan Peterson spreads a lot of idiotic ideas and displays historical illiteracy as evident from the sources I listed. Which means the economic ideas he perpetuates are likely garbage or misrepresentations as well.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-21T10:15:25.547
Ok. Please disprove the Pareto Distribution as garbage.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-21T10:30:48.723
The idea itself isn't garbage, As it is only a model but this model is used as an excuse by Conservatives to justify the existence of class divisions in society. It is descriptive, Not pre-scriptive. It says this is the way it is, Not that it ought to be.

The most important thing here is that a Pareto distribution is a descriptive law, Not prescriptive. It does not say that things *ought* to be one particular way, Only that -- all other things being equal -- it will tend to be that way.

If a society had a historical % rate of malaria, We would not use this as an excuse not to cure or treat malaria.

If a society had a historical % probability for women to experience rape, We would not use this an excuse not to criminalize rape.

In other words, Almost every effort of human civilization is there to remedy some "natural state of affairs" that would occur if we didn't do anything at all, But in no other case do we take that as a recommendation that this is what we *ought* to strive for. Yet this is how some naive "classical" liberals interpret it.

Secondly, As a matter of empirical fact, The GINI index shows rather clearly that you can have different income distributions in a modern economy -- arguably with important qualitative impacts for those who live in those societies.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-21T11:33:42.567
I agree. Which is why Ive never used the Pareto Principle to explain how things ought to be. I used it to explain why most people grow up in a rigged society.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-21T11:45:23.803
Okay, So you agree that Socialism is better for society than so as to eliminate that problem.
Batmangeek75 says2021-05-21T11:46:03.757
Also, Check out my new post on condemning Israel which kept my answer this time.
brodiescott76 says2021-05-21T11:59:36.167
Ive seen no evidence to support that as the countries with highest socioeconomic mobility are capitalist.
Estella03 says2021-10-11T07:44:45.640
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