• It is many things

    Horrible, racist, segregating, immoral, unethical, sexist, condemning, it Lies, makes things up, opinionated, religiously-motivated, supports racism, hated, violence, genocide, fallacies, torture. Ran by idiots, its focused on manipulation, emotionally charged news, fake sympathy, barbarism, anti-skepticism, interrupts, it is rude, it has unfounded hatred, it is small minded, it is corrupt and evil, to say just a few words.

  • Off course not!!!

    Being a minority i am a bit biased but all that fox news does is spew republican idiocy out of is cameras with no feeling for the people it is covering Ex: Bill orielly said in 2009 that there was no difference between a man marrying another guy and a man or woman marrying a duck. Nobody should be forced to hear this garbage

  • I say "Yes" but there's more.

    FOX really SHOULD be able to broadcast, just not as FOX news. Their cornerstone is political commentary, the Bill Orielly's, the Hannity's. These are clearly not news.

    The attempt at proper news is not without fault. Time and again, they are shown to have overwhelming biases, and simply get it wrong often. This is just bad news, but news nonetheless.

    If they want the "news" part of the name, they should make some effort to address the issues with the news. They must deal with the casual mixing of commentary WITH news.

    Posted by: TBR
  • It's really funny how the people who say yes support bias but bash it for being biased

    "Being a minority i am a bit biased" Then don't bash Fox News.

    "Bill orielly said in 2009 that there was no difference between a man marrying another guy and a man or woman marrying a duck" He's referring to freedom to marry. What garbage?

    "Horrible, racist, segregating, immoral, unethical, sexist, condemning"
    Sounds like CNN and the Huffington post yet you support them.

    "Ran by idiots, its focused on manipulation, emotionally charged news, fake sympathy, barbarism, anti-skepticism, interrupts, it is rude, it has unfounded hatred, it is small minded, it is corrupt and evil"
    Just like CNN and the Huffington post! Did I already mention that?

    On top of your hypocrisy, they still have the freedom of press, no matter how much you protest or whine, they can still broadcast their news due to the 1st amendment. Sorry kiddos but that's America, don't like it, then leave to China where you get paid .5 a penny a day.

  • Rex v. Zenger

    Freedom of the press is a constitutional right in America. What more, all other news sources are even more biased, according to an independent study stating MSNBC was by far the worst. Liberals really annoy me with their hypocrisy and ignorance of their own countries constitution! What has America come to!

  • Never violate the 1st Amendment

    So what if they may be biased, but that doesn't mean everything they say is wrong and is propaganda and should be censored. If we censor them we should do the same to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, and Al-Jazzera. Those who want to censor FOX also want to violate the people who work there their 1st amendment freedom of speech. We live in a republic that supports differing opinions and free speech, not a fascist state where free speech is censored.

  • Let them keep digging themselves deeper.

    As much as i would love to agree, I have to say no. We should not sensor them, we should continue to fund education. Contrast the middle east's extremists and our extremists. Our right-wing, White supremacist, and conservative extremists have gone more and more underground do to the fact that we challenge them on an intellectual basis as opposed to silencing them, imprisoning them or killing them. When governments resort to censorship and the likes, it only increases extremist groups membership. Take ISIS for example, with the absence of injustices and emotion inciting propaganda videos, ISIS has no grounds to recruit people. The same can be said about our extremists in fox, when we rob them of the opportunity to create emotion inciting propaganda they lose relevance.

  • No, and MSNBC should be allowed too.

    The only reason Fox News gets the most negative press of any television news outlet is that it goes against the grain of the media. That is not to say that it does not have a truth problem sometimes, but the liberal media has plenty of truth problems as well. For instance, ABC news edited the first 911 call George Zimmerman made to make him sound racist.

  • Its called the First Amendment

    The right to broadcast does not depend on the popularity of the show or network. The right to free speech is given in the Bill of Rights and applies to every American citizen including those at Fox News. In the United States, the KKK has as much right to speak as ACLU or any other organization

  • It goes against American Principle.

    I would first like to clarify that I am a strong conservative, but I am no fan of Fox News. I find them to be ultra political, as well as completely biased. That being said, I am completely opposed to them being taken off the air.

    As bad as Fox is, it is no worse than CNN,NBC, or the Huffington Post. All of them are completely biased for their side. In truth, very few of news companies today are unbiased.

    Our constitution allows for freedom of speech and press. Therefore, no matter how biased a news source is, they have a right to feed whatever they want to their viewers. To do otherwise is to take away the first and most important freedoms.

    After all, this whole web site is a big representation of freedom of speech.

  • Freedom of the Press

    I am not going to argue as to whether or not Fox news is biased or horrible, but I would like to note that even if it was that would not be grounds to ban the station from broadcasting.
    Simply because you disagree with an opinion someone gives does not mean that you can ban that opinion. Lets say that you have a class, and in that class there is a student that constantly spouts stupid, biased, and incorrect information. You do not hunt that kid down and remove his tongue. You listen to his opinion and immediately disregard it.
    This same idea can be carried over to the news industry. If being biased was enough of a justification to remove it, then all present news stations should be removed as they all have some degree of bias.
    No matter how terrible a station is that gives no justification for being banned.

  • All News Should be allowed to broadcast.

    I believe in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the press. It doesn't matter if we agree with something or not. People should be allowed free speech. I do not agree with a lot of the opinions I hear on Fox, but no matter what they have the right to say it.

  • Liberalism can not withstand scrutiny thus opposition to Fox News.

    Without Fox News bigoted liberals would have a monopoly on national news outlets. The national news and commentary on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, are exactly the same biased liberal view points. Fox News is so good that presidents address them as sources of opposition, not one president has stated that ABC, CBS, or NBC in the same way.

    Bigoted liberals blame Fox News for their failures. If facts about crackpot liberal ideas had not been exposed to the public, people would still believe in man made global warming, economic stimulus, and many others.

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