• Yes, wild animals can run loose

    Yes, Fox Village should be allowed to let wild animals run loose. There are dangers inherent in this type of setting, but if people are informed of the situation and measures are in place to take care of potential problems, then it should be fine. Having wild animals around is natural and even good for people if they are equipped to deal with it.

  • Animals weren't meant to be caged.

    Wild animals are called that for a reason. They were not meant to be caged. As a matter of fact animals should be left alone in general but if you feel the need to mess with me at least give them a good enough place to roam free and enjoy their lives.

  • Different rules for different areas.

    I think that it's fine to let wild animals run lose as long as that is what the community wants. Fox Village is a private entity, so they have the right to decide what restrictions they want to impose and not impose. If residents have a problem with that, they need to work together to change the rules.

  • Animals do not belong in cages.

    Fox Village letting wild animals run loose should absolutely be allowed. Instead of caging animals and restricting their movement, Fox Village allows animals roam free and interact naturally with their environment. While it does operate as a popular tourist attraction, it is a much more human alternative to typical zoos and animal parks.

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