Fox's offer to buy Time Warner: Would a Fox buyout of Time Warner have been a better deal than the merger of Time Warner and Comcast?

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  • Time Warner and Time Warner Cable are not the same thing

    Time Warner (TWX) includes Warner Brothers, Turner, and HBO. Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the cable company spun off from Time Warner in 2009. Fox was offering to buy TWX, while Comcast is in the process of buying TWC (assuming the deal holds up). Many speculate that the 20th Century Fox offer for TWX is not healthy for TWX.

  • Merger of Time Warner and Comcast has potential to grow

    I believe that companies merging will always be a better plan because it creates a whole new company with new principles. Since both company have already been in business, they have values that they were accustomed too. Now that two companies are joining, they can put their values together to create a whole new company value with the experience of two separate entities. I believe that building a team has a chance to be more successful, only because the team can brainstorm with one another and each individual has different ideas to offer. In this case, the team is Time Warner and Comcast. They can work together to build a successful company based on their past experiences and more members involved in the overall success of the company.

  • Neither is better

    Whichever companies merge, the formation of the kind of massive company we could have seen here wouldn't be good for anyone but those at the top of said companies. This new merger would have formed a company bigger than Disney - but even the Time Warner and Comcast merger results in their having over 33 million subscribers. That's too big a chunk for one company.

  • No, the merger of Time Warner and Comcast is better for business.

    No, the merger of Timer Warner and Comcast is significantly better for business because in economic terms, it means that huge amounts of money were saved instead of using it to buy or acquire another company. It also means that there will be different ideologies controlling the operation process, instead of having one way to deal with different situations.

  • No, it would not.

    I don't think this would be in the best interest of Time Warner. I also don't like the idea of Warner Bros. and 21st Century Fox movie productions being on and the same. I think both the cable industry and movie industry would have suffered if Time Warner would have taken this deal.

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