France and Israel are the angles of peace and human rights!

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  • I just wonder when France and Israel talk about human rights!

    France tested HIV virus on innocent children and spread it in Iran! And Israel tests its new weapons on Palestinian children!

    Thank you Fabiuos and Benjamin Netanyahu. USA and its allies are proud of you both.














  • I'll admit I don't know much about modern day France, But Israel is a no

    As many know, Israel has military occupation over the west bank and Gaza Strip, where according to the UN, has the worst human rights record at this time, (Their out doing N Korea when It comes to human rights violations) And although groups like Hamas are in no way innocent of their own acts against the people of Israel's occupation ignores the peoples rights, and makes it to where more and more people are willing to go to war against them.

  • France isn't fond of human rights.

    France, as a developed country, does not care for human rights and will gladly ignore them as soon as they get in the way. Of their politics. Discrimination against ethnic, LGBT and disabled minorities is rampant, and has been since WWII. And they justify their discrimination on the basis of gender equality and secularism... WTF? What does secularism has to do with discrimination against Rom people or Arabs? Why the hell don't they equate gender equality with LGTB rights? And why do they continue to believe that invisible disabilities (autism, attention deficit, learning disabilities, etc.) are psychoses, more than 30 years after these ideas were dismissed by science? In truth, France is one of the worst among developed countries, as far as human rights go.

    Israel has some redeeming features, and when the war will end I believe it capable of becoming a pillar of peace and human rights. But the war is still going, and survival is more important to them than making a good presentation to the press.

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